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Phyllis A. Arnold

Phyllis Arnold (RMS, PPUSWA, UWS, HS) trained as a commercial/graphic artist and has been a professional artist since the late 1960's. She has exhibited with the Royal Society of Miniature Painters since 1976 and, the Hilliard Society since 1985. She is a Past President of The Ulster Society of Women Artists.

She is also a past winner of the Memorial Gold Bowl of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, London. The Artist carries on the 17th century tradition of painting portrait miniatures in the minute dot and stipple technique of the earliest miniaturists, such as Nicholas Hilliard 1547-1619, and Samuel Cooper 1640-1670, on vellum in watercolour.



Phyllis Arnold
Silhouette portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to mark the Silver Jubilee Hilliard Society Logo

Commission a Portrait

To commission a portrait, please contact Phyllis Arnold via the Contact Form
Telephone at: +44 (0)28 91 853322 

Posthumous photographs and also those from clients who cannot attend a personal sitting, may be worked from assuming they are of good likeness and of sufficient clarity.